progressive use of renewable resources and energy
parity, redistribution of resources, participatory democracy, learning
production and materials locally sourced
  • creativity
  • inventiveness
  • innovation
  • revolution
  • conceptualization
  • think-out-of-the-box mentality
  • creative design approach
  • imagination
  • ingenuity
  • boldness
  • risk-taking
  • verticality
  • intrepidity
  • crazyness
  • over-the-top approach
  • no easy paths
  • temerity
  • drive
  • discipline
  • organization
  • rigour
  • methodology
  • planning
  • preparation
  • coordination
  • management
  • rationalization
  • team spirit
  • team-work
  • mutual assistance
  • collaboration
  • sharing
  • horizontality
  • participatory democracy
  • respect
  • learning
  • intensity
  • perseverance
  • firmness
  • resilience
  • steadiness
  • determination
  • commitment
  • sharpness
  • tenacity
  • taking responsibility
  • performance measurement
  • results-oriented
  • efficiency
  • productivity
  • output
  • fluidness
  • transparency
  • communication
Our ideas and projects always start with a Dream and always grow in a Reality.
The City landscape must showcase Nature’s colours so that individuals can thrive and reach their full potential.
Rock climbing is both a Sport and an Art—a true driver for creativity and growth.
Learning is a quiet strength within us that’s waiting to be sparked through Innovation.
The Beauty of our surroundings is also formed by Imperfections.
Design aims to arrange the objects in an Environment to create a product with visual and functional integrity and harmony.
Helping others to reach for the top
Cultivating interactions
Reconnecting with nature
Changing the world
Educating to better create
  • Popularizing climbing and making it more accessible
  • Encouraging people to get out there and climb
  • Encouraging people to outdo themselves and feel great
  • Encouraging people to reach their potential and beyond
  • Developing a mind-body interaction in individuals
  • Bringing together a community of climbers
  • Creating a new urban dynamic
  • Developing a new “urban climber” lifestyle
  • Remedying the lack of quality climbing near the city
  • Developing urban climbing
  • Appropriating and highlighting the urban space
  • Encouraging people to reconnect with nature
  • Becoming an international leader in rock climbing
  • Creating bouldering circuits in the largest cities of the world
  • Contributing to the international development of rock climbing
  • Contributing to the promotion of Montreal design internationally
  • Inviting people to discover the best boulders in the world
  • Creating a new generation of boulders
  • Promoting training and knowledge exchange among climbers
  • Changing the climbing paradigm